The New Outsiders (Gestalten) (2019)

Responsibility at its core – TNO is focused on the developments in the ‘New Outdoor Culture’ around responsibility. Coupled with spending time outside comes a need to act responsibly. Any outdoor brand and outdoor user has no choice other than to live with nature and not against it.

Featuring: Finisterre, Millican, Houdini Sportswear, Stop Microwaste, Langbrett, Sophie Hellyer, Moy Hill Farm, Cotopaxi, Arvin Goods

Co-Author & Editor. Available at Gestalten.

The New Outsiders curates and profiles pioneering brands, individuals and collectives whose mission is to cause no unnecessary harm to the planet through their actions and business, while finding solutions to some of the pressing climate issues and encouraging others to spend time in nature, to deeper understand our relationship with it. 

"At the heart of this book are those maverick spirits who are striding forward to find creative solutions to protect and preserve the landscapes that have transformed us."