Guided By Nature

My mission is to encourage others to spend more time outside so that we form a deeper connection to the world around us and the place we call home.

15 years ago I began spending time outside after seeking more from everyday life. That turned into a life changing decision and in early 2012 I quit my ‘city life’ and moved to the mountains of Norway. Here I was surrounded by ‘outsiders’ – young, creative adventurous spirits who spent as much time outside as possible while making and creating great work. This connection to nature readdressed the balance I was looking for.


Since then I’ve carved out a new path; viewing work through a new lens, one that brings into focus spending time outside and creativity together in one place.    

In 2015 I redefined the landscape of the outdoor industry, capturing a new Zeitgeist of outdoor consumers and brands in my books The Outsiders (2015) and The New Outsiders (2019); it’s this work that is foundational to my approach.

With a deep understanding of brand culture, outdoor lifestyle consumers and visual storytelling, I’ve produced and directed award winning content across multichannel platforms, repositioned brands and launched product ranges from the ground up, executing a creative strategy that brings to life a brands mission.

I now live in the Lake District, UK, spending time in the mountains and working on a multitude of creative projects; from art making to guiding brands with creative strategy and content creation. Drawing on my experiences outdoors, the community I’ve built and being guided by nature's ebb and flow.