The Foundations – Feature Film (2015)

Millican Dalton, the namesake of Millican, the brand, lived in a cave in the Borrowdale Valley in Keswick, Lake District in 1901. He was a maverick of his time, bringing into question the modern way we live our lives, slowing down and connecting to our surroundings, which are very relevant issues even today. 

Awards: Vimeo Staff Pick

Creative Direction | Concept development | Narrative Development | Production
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Working with Director and Filmmaker Sim Warren, we embarked on telling the Millican Dalton story in a contemporary way, while at the same time positioning Millican as a brand that facilitates connection and slowing down. 

We used the Phantom super slow-motion camera and spent 2 weeks chasing moments that would bring the narrative to life. By slowing everything down, it gives the viewer time to connect to the visuals, to appreciate the small and beautiful world we live in. 

Director | Shooter | Editor - Sim Warren
Creative Director | Producer - Jeffrey Bowman
Concept Development - Jeffrey Bowman 
Screenplay - Sophie Crewdson
Production Coordinator | Assistant Producer - Mia Xerri