The Core Collection (2018–2022)

Conscious Consumerism – The Core Collection is Millican’s answer to fast fashion – a backpack collection made from recycled plastic that is aimed at a younger, more savvy, demographic of consumers that demand responsible and ethical products.

Creative Direction | Art Direction | Product Concept Development | Communications Strategy | Content Development
All images / Films © Millican 2015–2022

I guided this collection from development to launch, focused around one central theme: Responsibility. Coupled with Millican’s strong product aesthetics and functionality, we developed a visual tone of voice that continued the ‘human’ tangibility of the brand across all communications and product touchpoints.

Bringing to life the collection meant working with a collective of artists, photographers, filmmakers, influencers and real humans that represent the Millican audience. The authenticity of the collection comes from the product credibility and human storytelling, avoiding ‘greenwashing’ slogans, the tone of voice was humble but empowering. 

The graphic language was brought to life by the help of Neasden Control Centre’s illustrations, reflecting the juxtaposition of the natural world and our urban landscapes. Using a lo-fi approach the graphics represent icons of human power. Millican believes in the power of humans to change the tide on some of the climate issues we face today, so it was important that came through in the visuals, while capturing the product position being made from 100% recycled plastic.