Millican Brand & Creative Direction (2015 - 2022)

Millican is a responsible outdoor lifestyle brand making multifunctional backpacks. My primary role (2015–2022) as Creative Director was establishing and directing the creative strategy, visual output and communications that defined the brand for audiences across the world.

Creative Direction | Art Direction | Content Development | Design | Product Concept Development | Campaign building | Communications strategy
All images / Films © Millican 2015–2022

When I joined Millican, it was a small, founder-lead, family company with unrealised ambitions. I brought the brand to life in the hearts and minds of new and existing consumers in a culturally relevant and emotionally engaging way which, moved the brand into a significantly wider commercial space.

The focus was to build a ‘human’ brand that celebrated the connection to nature and each other, promoting spending time outside and being responsible stewards of the planet. 

Over the last 7 years I’ve directed all facets of the world of Millican, from storytelling to ambassador programs, collaborations and product developments, physical and digital experiences, marketing campaigns.