Arvin x Millican – Product Collaboration (2021)

Clean Socks – Arvin Goods makes the most sustainable socks on the planet, from recycled and reclaimed waste materials while promoting responsible consumerism. So it was a no-brainer to bring both brands together, producing an everyday travel sock made from recycled materials. 

Creative Direction | Communications Strategy | Concept & Content Direction
All images / Films © Millican 2015–2022

The aesthetics of the sock utilises the colours from Millican’s Core Collection, and plays on the idea of ‘visible recycling’, a trend, but also statement. In a world where consumers expect more from products, this collaboration answers that expectation.

I guided the development of the product and directed the overall communications for the project. 

Photographers: Harry Fricker, James Bowden
Film Makers: Sim Warren, Ben Cox